10 Best Baby Bath Mats 2021 [To Keep Baby Balanced and Safe]

During bath time, babies often become hyperactive, which might be a problem for moms sometimes. And if you are thinking of introducing your baby to a big bathtub, it might seem a good idea for a regular bath, but you also need to follow additional precautions. As you know, soap, water, and a bathtub’s slippery surface is a perfect combination and invitation to disaster. Mostly, babies don’t sit still, and if you are unattended, your baby might get injured by slipping over. Now, if you are wondering: what’s the solution to avoid this kind of accident?

So, baby bath mats can come in handy in this kind of situation. Indeed there are multiple types of bath mats present in the market, but almost all have the same goal. And it is to provide a comfortable, safe, or non-abrasive surface for your baby. Not only this, but some others come with the suction cups at the bottom, and this type of baby bath mats stays in the position and doesn’t leave the bathtub’s surface until you do. Now, as you know, why baby bath mats are very important for you to keep your baby steady and safe while bathing sessions.

Best Buy Baby Bath Mats Reviews

However, buying a baby bath mat is not a problem for most parents, but picking up or purchasing the best or right one could be. If you feel confused while choosing the right baby bath mat, then don’t worry; you landed in the right place to resolve this problem. Before coming up with this post, we have been through groundbreaking research to find and list the ten best baby bath mat of 2021. And the best part is that we will be covering every single positive and negative ve point about these ten baby bath mats, so it would be much easier for you to find out which one is worth purchasing as per your requirement.

1. GORILLA GRIP Original Baby Bath Mat

GORILLA GRIP Original Baby Bath Mat

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The GORILLA GRIP Original Baby Bath Mat has taken the first position in our list; let’s describe why. First of all, this is not the standard baby bath mat; it is the most effective one; that’s why it got a fantastic response from buyers. And you can get a firm idea about the popularity and quality that manufacturers are offering with this mat by just taking a look at the ratings on online stores. As you can see, it is a typical baby bath mat with suction cups at the bottom. In this way, you can expect a far better and safe experience for your kid/baby.

The suction strength is considerable here; that’s why this baby bath mat won’t leave its position when you correctly set it up. Talking about the size and shape, it is 35 inches by 16 inches sized bath mat with rounded corners. This thing is indicating that this bath mat can easily cover a standard-sized bathtub adequately. Along with this, for proper drainage, there are holes present in this bath mat. So it is quite sufficient for providing a tractioned surface for your baby to sit on or stand on.

What we liked:

  • The design with suction cups at the bottom and drainage holes is an excellent design for impressive effectiveness.
  • Manufacturers have provided flexible material, non-toxic and anti-bacterial, and completely safe to use for your little one.

What we didn’t like:

  • None so far

2. Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat

Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat

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Our next pick is the Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat, and it is a perfect choice for parents with a low budget. So if you are also looking for a value for money type of baby bath mat under a reasonable budget, then make sure to check out this one. However, it doesn’t offer any kind of suction cup surface at the bottom, but the effectiveness is still noticeable here. This bath mat is built with a flexible and superior quality of rubber material; that’s why the quality you are getting here is fantastic.

The upper surface becomes relatively grippy; not only this but the special dotted design provided by manufacturers is also working great to increase overall traction. In short, this budget-friendly bath mat is perfect to avoid the slip over the problem and to provide a steady and non-slip surface for your little one while each bathing session. Talking about the size and shape, so this Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath mat comes 30.5 inches by 14.25 inches in size.

What we liked:

  • The colorful dotted design would change your baby or kid’s mood during the bathing session, and it would be more fun for him/her.
  • The price point of this baby bath mat is the most liked thing by most buyers, and at this price, you are getting impressive effectiveness, which is awesome.

What we didn’t like:

  • The size could be a bit bigger because it doesn’t cover a standard-sized bathtub, which could be an issue for some parents.

3. Skip Hop Moby Non-Slip Baby Bath Mat

Skip Hop Moby Non-Slip Baby Bath Mat

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The Skip Hop Moby Non-Slip Baby Bath Mat is the perfect option for those moms who are looking for a highly effective, comfortable, and safe bath mat for their baby who is younger than three years. Again this one is another quite a popular type of bath mat on our list; this one got over six thousand positive ratings on online stores. According to us, the prime and most liked thing about this baby bath mat is its unique design. Actually, the manufacturers have provided this baby bath mat in a baby whale-shaped design.

For making it highly effective and safe for babies, manufacturers did two great things here. The first one is that Skip Hop company has provided considerable numbers of suction cups at the bottom. That’s why when you place this mat in the bathtub, then the suction cups will ensure to make a tight bond with the surface, which won’t lose until you made it to. Along with this, the upper surface caught our attention, too; this comes with a superior grippy finishing for better traction between your baby’s skin and mat.

What we liked:

  • Perfectly measured drainage holes present at the top, and these holes will keep your baby’s feet away from excess water after you drain all the water in the bathtub.
  • This baby bath mat’s textured material is the biggest reason behind the impressive effectiveness, which we can’t just ignore.

What we didn’t like:

  • The size is pretty small, and of course, it will not cover the whole surface inside a standard-sized bathtub.

4. BeeHomee Bath Mats for Tub Kids

BeeHomee Bath Mats

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If you are looking for an attractive, safe, and highly effective type of bath mat for your little one, then make sure to give a shot to this one. On the fourth spot of this list, we are here with the BeeHomee Bath Mats For Tub Kids. First of all, this bath mat is not like other standard bath mats, in each section, whether it is about the size, looks, and effectiveness. Starting from the size section, so this bath mat measures around 35 inches by 16 inches. On the other hand, most standard brands only provide medium-sized mats that don’t cover a standard-sized bathtub’s whole surface.

In case you want to know how effective this bath mat is going to be, let’s look at the special features of this option. Firstly, this is a typical bath mat with hundreds of suction cups at the bottom. It means it won’t leave its position until you pull it off, and it’s all possible because of the strong suction strength of cups at the bottom. Also, keep in mind that this bath mat’s upper surface is not the plain one; instead, you are getting the top’s textured surface.

What we liked:

  • The cute character printed design of this bath mat helps make your little one’s bathing session more fun.
  • You can simply fold it up and keep it in a very narrow space, and this is only possible because of the thin and highly flexible design.

What we didn’t like:

  • None so far

5. Munchkin Soft Spot Cushioned Bath Mat

Munchkin Soft Spot Cushioned Bath Mat

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On the fifth spot of this list, we are here with another Munchkin bath mat for babies. This time we have decided to give a chance to the Munchkin Soft Spot Cushioned Bath Mat. So, if you are looking for a bath mat under a low budget with useful features, then do make sure to check out this one. According to us, the prime selling point of this mat is its design and build. There are plenty of suction cups present at the bottom surface, especially the design or build from the bottom side. And for the next level of effectiveness, manufacturers have provided these suction cups at the lining of the mat.

However, it is not only about the bottom section of this bath mat, but the upper and primary surface is also superb here. The patterned design and rubbery texture provide an excellent grip. That’s why you can expect a far better safe experience for your little one from this baby bath mat. Not only this but plenty of drainage holes in this bath mat are working nicely to keep the excess water away from your baby’s feet, which also reduces the chances of slips.

What we liked:

  • Indeed it is a budget range of baby bath mat, but the size won’t let you feel that it’s because it comes with 36 inches by 17 inches.
  • Because the suction cups present at the lining of this mat, that’s why this mat’s hold or grip is incredible compared to other standard mats with suction cups.

What we didn’t like:

  • None so far

6. Munchkin Quack Duck Bath Mat

Munchkin Quack Duck Bath Mat

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Did you like the third spot of the bath mat on our list? If yes is your answer, then we are damn sure that you will find useful and attractive this sixth spot of option. This time we have given a chance to the Munchkin Quack Duck Baby Bath Mat. Like the most recent one, this one is also from the famous and well-established manufacturers called Munchkin. First of all, this bath mat also comes with the suction cups at the bottom; that’s why when you’ll place it on the slippery surface, it will establish a good grip or traction with that surface.

Other than this, the overall bath mat is perfectly designed to offer great value to each user. The grippy finishing of the upper surface especially caught our attention, where your baby will stand while taking a bath. Talking about this Quack Duck bath mat’s size, it measures around 32.5 inches by 16 inches. It probably won’t cover the whole surface of a standard bathtub, but it would be quite helpful to make it safe for your baby.

What we liked:

  • The duck character-based design of this bath mat ultimately increases the overall acceptability rate.
  • The type of build quality that you are getting here is just awesome because standard bath mats don’t offer this kind of build quality at this specific price.

What we didn’t like:

  • Its shape and size don’t allow it to cover the whole surface that could be an issue for some parents.

7. Tree Bud Baby Bathtub Mats

Tree Bud Baby Bathtub Mats

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The Tree Bud Baby Bathtub Mat is a perfect option for parents who are looking for something highly effective, without any additional touch-ups. If this is the case, then do make sure to check out the seventh spot of our list option. Talking about some of the prime selling points of this mat, let’s first discuss the design. This mat features around 200 suction cups at the bottom, that’s why it is relatively steady and grippy. In our opinion, it is a handy feature that is ultimately making it a safer option for babies.

Other than this, the second prime selling point of this mat is its perfect fit and size. The manufacturers have provided a perfect cut out of the design that perfectly fits the bathtub while covering the whole surface. Surely, this mat’s overall size plays an excellent role in this as well; actually, this bathtub mat measures around 39 inches by 16 inches. From this, you can get a firm idea of how fit it will be for a standard-sized bathtub.

What we liked:

  • The high-quality silicone material is behind the top-notch comfortable, still grippy, and flexibility of this bath mat.
  • Thankfully, it is a machine washable bath mat for kids or babies; that’s why you can wash it by directly tossing it into the washing machine.

What we didn’t like:

  • None so far

8. Mynimo Bathtub Mat for Kids

Mynimo Bathtub Mat

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Coming down to number eight, so here we are with the Mynimo Bathtub Mat for kids. But first, let us know did you like the fourth spot of the bath mat on our list? If yes is your answer, then congrats; here on the eighth spot, we have another similar type of mat for babies. Manufacturers have provided a rubber-like material in this mat, and the quality seems top-notch here; that’s why it is highly durable and long-lasting. One other benefit of this rubber-like material is that it provides an excellent grip or traction of the upper surface.

There are hundreds of suction cups present at the bottom, which makes this bathtub mat the most effective one on our list. When you place this mat on the slippery surface, it will create great suction strength. Thus, it’s a guarantee that this mat won’t leave its position easily until you pull it off or apply external force to remove it. Other than this, the manufacturers have tried to keep this mat as simple as possible, but still, the acceptability rate is higher. And it is only because of the printed cartoon character design on the top surface of this bath mat.

What we liked

  • The size is fantastic here; for better clarification, we want to let you know that this bath mat measures around 32 inches by 20 inches.
  • The fine-textured finishing top surface of this mat makes it highly safe and comfortable to stand on it for your little one.

What we didn’t like

  • None so far

9. Salinka Natural Anti-Slip Baby Bath Mat

Salinka Natural Anti-Slip Baby Bath Mat

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For the ninth position, we have picked the Salinka Natural Anti-Slip Bath Mat. In case you are looking for a highly affordable range of bath mats with ideal gripping and security for your baby, then just go for it. At first, it might seem like just a normal mat without any additional gripping or traction-enhancing features, but let us tell you something. This anti-slip baby bath mat comes with dozens of suction cups at the bottom; that’s why you can expect a far better and safe experience for your baby.

The manufacturers mentioned that they had used rubber material to build these anti-slip bath mats. For this, you can get an idea of how flexible and durable this bath mat option will be. Talking about the upper surface where your baby would stand, it comes with a bit rough or matt finishing. So, while this mat will be inside the water, it will provide good traction between the feet’s skin and the mat’s surface. Along with this, the size is also medium of this baby bath mat, and you shouldn’t expect a big size at this type of aggressive price point.

What we liked:

  • As we mentioned earlier, this baby bath mat’s price point is the prime and best selling point here; that is why it seems a nice deal.
  • Besides the lower price point, the manufacturers have still tried their best to provide top-notch build quality; that’s why you are getting rubber as core material.

What we didn’t like:

  • None so far

10. LEJHOME Baby Bath Mat

LEJHOME Baby Bath Mat

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We are on the last spot of this list, but again here we are with another value for money type of baby bath mat. It is time to present the LEJHOME Baby Bath Mat. It is a perfect combination of two superfine features; the first one is that it comes with dozens of powerful suction cups. Besides this, the dotted upper surface of this bath mat is enhancing the overall anti-slip ability.

LEJHOME manufacturers have provided the high-quality PVC material at this price point, but don’t worry; it is not hard; instead, you are getting quite a soft texture of bath mat. The PVC material is not only making it soft but also it is behind its incredible durability. For enhancing the acceptability rate of this bath mat, manufacturers have provided a cartoon character printed design, which looks great.

What we liked

  • Pricing this bath mat is the most liked thing by the users; that’s why it got an amazing response after getting launched in the market.
  • The shape is ideal for bathtubs because the corners are quite round, which let it fit perfectly in standard sized bathtubs.

What we didn’t like

  • None so far

How You Can Pick The Best Baby Bath Mat

Are you still facing confusion while choosing the right type of bath mat for your little one? If yes is your answer, then make sure to check out our detailed buying guide on baby bath mats. Below we will be covering some of the highly considerable and important factors that you shouldn’t ignore while choosing a bath mat. And it is a guarantee that if you follow these below-listed points, then you’ll end up buying the right baby bath mat as per your needs.

Upper Surface

The top surface of a bath mat is the most considerable thing you should never ignore while making the final buying decision in favor of bath mats. You can find different types of surfaces in bath mats, like the dotted ones, patterned, matt finishing surface, etc. And believe it or not, but this versatility is the only reason behind the confusion; that’s why let’s keep it simple and straightforward. So, we suggest you should pick a bath mat with a patterned surface that must come with proper drainage holes. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about finding this kind of option because we have already listed some bath mats offering the same features to you.

Suction Cups And Suction Strength

If you are looking for a baby bath mat for quite some time, you may know that many popular options come with suction cups at the bottom surface. Right? If you want steady and great traction of the bath mat, it would be great for you to go with this option. But there are a few things that you should keep in mind before making the final purchase in favor of a mat that comes with suction cups. Here we are talking about some important things, such as the number of suction cups and the suction strength.

Material Type

There are plenty of variations present in the material section as well while picking up the right baby bath mat. It is very obvious that you’ll get options to choose from material types such as silicone, plastic, rubber, PVC, etc. But the questions remain the same: which material type is the best-suited one for bath mats? Well, in our opinion, you should go with an option that comes with either rubber material or silicone. The rubber material is undoubtedly perfect for bath mats because it is highly flexible and provides great traction.

Shape And Size

It is the most ignored factor about bath mats by parents looking for a perfect one for their kids. If you end up buying a small-sized or wrong shape of a bath mat, then it won’t perfectly fit inside the bathtub, and then this would be a serious problem. Therefore, we suggest you pick a bath mat option with a size that fits perfectly inside a standard-sized bathtub. And it must have cutouts and round corners for a perfect fit inside the bathtub.

Price Point

No doubt that price point is a very subjective topic or factor, but if you don’t want to spend a higher amount or are dealing with a strict budget issue, you only have a few options to choose from. And then, there would be a higher possibility that you might end up buying the worst product because of the price point issue. But we don’t want that this happens to our readers; that’s why we have already listed value for money types of baby bath mats on this list. So, you can choose any of those bath mats to get more out of what you are paying for.

Baby Bath Mat Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Rubber bath mats have toxic chemicals?

According to scientific research, most brands use vinyl material (PVC) which is completely toxic. On the other behalf, the natural rubber bath mats are completely safe and eco-friendly. But make sure that there is a huge difference between natural rubber bath mats and synthetic rubber. PVC is the only one that may cause to damage the central nervous and reproductive system of the child, which is very harmful.

  1. Are Bath mats available in a different size?

You can find a huge variety in the bath mats, so picking the right one may seem a little confusing. Here we mention some different sizes that you can choose-

Gorilla GRIP Original Baby Bath Mat (35 inches by 16 inches) – This bath mat can easily cover a satisfactorily standard size, which means your baby can easily sit and stand on it.

Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath (30.5 inches by 14.25 inches) – This bath mat provides a non-slip surface. That can be quite impressive.

BeeHomee Bath Mats for Tub Kids (35 inches by 16 inches) – The size is pretty enough and of course it will cover the whole surface.

Tree Bud Baby Bathtub Mats (39 inches by 16 inches) – It is an ideal product that you can choose for your little ones.

  1. How I clean my baby bath mat?

Throw your baby bath mat into the washing machine and add normal detergent and rinse it with cold water. Or you can use bleach to clean it.

  1. What are the safety precautions I consider when bathing my baby?

Firstly never leave your baby alone in a bath. Use always warm water; never use cotton swabs for its ears. Also, you can use the shower to clean your baby.

  1. What elements should I consider while purchasing a bath mat?

There are tons of baby bath mats available in the market. Being selective with the brand, material, design shape size is an important factor while purchasing the bath mat.

 Material – Two types of material can be used in the manufacturing of the baby bath mat. The first is plastic and the second is rubber. Whichever one you choose, it’s your choice. But just make sure the product is free from chemical and contaminant. Overall, choose without BPA or Latex product.

Design and colours – look for a product that comes in various designs. Babies are completely attractive by toddlers, cute cartoons and most important is colour. The bath mat design and colour may keep your child happy while bathing.

Shapes and Size – Baby bath mats come in different sizes but before choosing any product just make sure to measure the surface of your tub. This may help you to choose the perfect product.

Antibacterial/ chemical-free – just make sure about the coating before buying the bath mat. It should be covered with antibacterial essence. Also, regular cleaning and caring keep your bath mat for a long time.

Solid Grip – just choose the anti-slip surface in a baby bath mat. Along with it, you should check the strong suction cup that can be attached to the surface.


We know how challenging it is for you to find the best baby bath mat because you want to buy the best out of the best one for your baby. And while picking up the right one, if you feel quite confused, then congrats, this whole post was all about you. After conducting in-depth research, we have listed the ten best baby bath mats of 2021 above in this post.