Potty Training Pants Vs. Underwear: Which is Better?

Many parents get confused about choosing the best when it comes to their baby’s potty training.  There are certain things through which you can pick the right one for your baby. The option which your baby is comfortable with is the right one to choose.  It is a personal decision for you as you can either pick training pants or underwear. You should always go with the comfort of your baby. You can even try the combination of both.

Potty Training Pants


  • If we talk about choosing training pants, there are a few things that you need to consider. The pros and cons will depend on the age and personality of your baby. In some cases, the situation also matters. It is also your responsibility as to how you introduce such things to them. Also, how you manage to reduce few accidents in front of them matters.
  • You won’t know which option would be the best for your child unless you start the process of potty training.
  • Some children display potty readiness signs very soon. But, if your toddler is too young, maybe he/she would prefer using the potty and be okay to sit when you suggest.
  • When your little one is young enough to have full control over their functions, he/she become unhappy when they get wet. In this case, training pants are an ideal option to go with (at least in the starting phase)

Pros and cons of training pants-

Pros of training pants:

  • Training pants are ideal for toddlers without the control of the full bladder.
  • It gives your toddler a “big kid” feeling.
  • It helps in boosting motivation for your toddler.
  • It helps in preventing mess.
  • It will be helpful during night time.

Cons of training pants:

  • It might enhance the baby to sit in wetness.
  • It may diminish your baby’s motivation.
  • It might be costly


  • Training pants are a step away, far from diapers. And the toddler generally likes the idea of being a baby girl.
  • If your toddler is ready for potty training; then, the diaper pants will not be a crutch. It would be a safe tool for the prevention of your baby to get unhappy from the mess.
  • The absorbent training pants will prevent a mess in the house. It doesn’t affect unless your baby is completely-trained, which would be a great help to the parents also.
  • Even, you are using underwear from the beginning, you may consider disposable training pants. Since the toddlers wear this up like underwear, they will have the feeling of being progressed out from baby diapers and jumped into big baby’s pants.

Benefits of underwear-

Some babies are not ready for the training unless they are more than two years old or even more than that. Even after that, some parents find it difficult to motivate their toddlers. They might not be able to respond to the praise or reward charts well. It can decide using training pants wrong for the daytime training.

Many parents prefer using disposable training pants during the night, but in the daytime, they use regular underwear for a better choice, which also depends on your toddler-

  • When your toddler is big enough to tell you that they need to go and when they do not need a constant reminder, they are most probably good to go for underwear.
  • To deal with the mess isn’t a big issue. Some toddler gets upset with accidents. In that case, you would need something which has extra absorbency if your toddler is too sensitive. You also need to be nice to clean up the accidents at the initial phase of potty training.
  • Some toddlers might need a push. When you are confident that the toddler is ready for toilet training, but is not ready to leave the convenience of diapers, the introduction of underwear would be the best thing to do.


It is not that difficult to choose between training pants and underwear. Once you start potty training, the toddler’s behavior would help you to pick which one is better for them. I hope this article was helpful to you. Thanks for reading. Have a good day!